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Today I’m going to share with you SEO in 2019 – what will and won’t work. As time goes on SEO is becoming harder and harder. So should you even do SEO anymore? Of course you should! Majority of the people click on organic listings and not paid listings.

In this video you’ll learn 6 SEO tips and I’ll share with you SEO in 2019 – what works and what doesn’t work.



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The first tip I have for you is, blogging drives a ton of traffic. You guys know that, Google loves content, as they say, content is king. But here's the thing, there's over a billion blogs right now. So, if you go out there and you just write tons of blog posts because your competitors rank for all these terms, it won't work. Regurgitating the same information over and over again won't produce results in 2019. What you need to do is create a new unique spin. You have to write about fresh stuff that people haven't seen. So instead of focusing on writing a blog post every day, maybe write a post once a week, or if you can't even do that, once a month, but if you write something that's super new and unique, I kid you not, you're gonna get a ton of social shares, you're gonna get a ton of backlinks, you're gonna get a ton of comments and engagement and traffic.

The second tip I have for you is to build a brand. There's a lot of sites out there creating fake news, and Google hates that. They're looking for brand signals, and if you're wondering how big your brand is, go to Google Trends, type in your brand name, versus your competitor, and you'll see how you're doing. The reason they wanna rate brands is, it builds trust. They know that if people are looking for your brand, they trust you, and you're less likely to create crap content or write fake news.

The third tip I have for you is, link building is harder than ever. Everyone's hitting up these sites for links. Yes, there's over a billion blogs, but because there's so many sites out there, everyone's getting hit up more and more for links.

The fourth tip is make sure your website loads fast. Google has a mobile-only search engine as well as one just for your desktop and laptop devices. Speed is more important than ever. Yes, I know people have 4G and 5G phones, just because they have fast ones doesn't mean they're in an area with really strong reception, so that could mean your website loads really, really slow. Use Google Page Speed, it'll show you what you need to fix to load faster in Google's eyes.

The next tip I have for you is voice search. Voice search is becoming more and more popular. By 2020 over 50% of the people will be using voice search. So you wanna make sure with your website and your content, 'cause that's typically what's gonna rank for voice search, you're answering questions people may type in, in short sentences. Not big long paragraphs, but it should be one to two sentences. The shorter you are with your responses to the answer, the more likely you're gonna rank.

The sixth tip for you is, update your content. Google's tired of ranking old, outdated content. I've mentioned this many times, there's over a billion blogs, so what does that mean? There's content on everything. Whatever you're writing on, the chances are, there's 50 other articles similar to that. If you wanna do better, I know I already mentioned, write new, fresh content. But even with your new, fresh content, other people are gonna copy you, so you need to update it, it doesn't have to be monthly, but at least once a year, go into your best-performing pieces of content and update them. It'll help ensure that you continue to rank high on Google.

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Kushal Arora - January 21, 2019 Reply

I’m either not beginner nor expert. Just intermediate…

    Neil Patel - January 21, 2019 Reply

    That’s good!

    Real Wisconsin Website Design - January 21, 2019 Reply

    I’m in the same place but can’t pay for all these “services” to even learn more. I wonder if Cybrary has anything??

Alpesh Amriwala - January 21, 2019 Reply

Plz sir start *SEO* series for *Beginners*

    Jithendar Dharmapuri - January 23, 2019 Reply

    @Neil Patel thanks in advance in for executing idea.

    fsa dd - January 24, 2019 Reply

    @Neil Patel Also would love to see SEO technical checklist/optimization route for a website (WordPress or so)

    Daan Lap - February 26, 2019 Reply

    @Neil Patel This would be awesome!

VoaTutorials - January 21, 2019 Reply

Hard question for me, im definitely more a beginner in SEO looking at the whole thing, but specialized on Youtube i would see myself as an expert.

    Neil Patel - January 21, 2019 Reply

    You’ll get there 😉

Vamsi Pratti - January 22, 2019 Reply

I’m either not beginner nor expert. Just intermediate…

djsevkic - January 22, 2019 Reply

Begginer, voice search — no.

Observer - January 24, 2019 Reply

I’m either not beginner nor expert. Just intermediate…

Salvador Molina Jarpa - January 24, 2019 Reply

Hi, I’m a follower of your channel and you create great content about SEO, actually I’m a beginner SEO.

Lisa McCoy - January 28, 2019 Reply

yes to voice search:-)

Burncroft Guesthouse - January 29, 2019 Reply

no to voice search (yet!)

PMB Fit - February 8, 2019 Reply

In other words, Neil is saying to focus on your content quality, making your niche good and being compatible with the market/demand (including your own “brand” trustworthiness). Thank you sir, you’re always resourceful!

    Neil Patel - February 8, 2019 Reply

    You are very welcome!

SIMBIAT SADIQ - February 25, 2019 Reply

Hi Neil. You are doing an awesome work.
I’m a beginner with SEO. I can’t wait to see how I will grow on this. Cheers

    Neil Patel - February 26, 2019 Reply

    Thank you!

ikoanti - March 7, 2019 Reply

Neil, can you make any suggestions for e-commerce site SEO?
What are tricks and tips? 😉

Mr. OFW - March 15, 2019 Reply

Curious here and I want to learn

Kiran Varri - March 20, 2019 Reply

Beginner !! But want to become EXPERT !!

    Neil Patel - March 20, 2019 Reply

    You’ll get there 🙂

    Intra Stuff - March 22, 2019 Reply


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Technical Kamal - April 13, 2019 Reply

Beginner but no traffic knowledge

xxno464xx85 - April 25, 2019 Reply

No voice search – not until it starts working well

Shovan Ghoshal - May 1, 2019 Reply

I am an intermediate sir, Mr. Neil Patel.

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