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Podcasting Tutorial – Video 4: Web and Media Hosting

Your podcast needs a place to live! Today is all about finding the right web and media hosting. *** Take my Power-Up Podcasting course: . In this video, we’ll cover everything you need to know about web hosting and media hosting for your podcast. I’ll help you understand why it's important to host your .mp3s […]

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Podcast Hosting & Submission Made Simple (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)

Podcast hosting and a lot of the other technical aspect of publication can be scary, but it's not hard once you learn. In this video, you'll learn how to host your podcast on a server, upload your mp3 files to that host, obtain your podcast feed, and submit that feed to iTunes, Stitcher and Google […]

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Top Podcasting Tips & Tools for Recording, Interviews & Exporting (2019 Tutorial)

Here are my top podcasting tips and tools to help you record better episodes, conduct more interesting interviews, and even have better systems in place for exporting and tagging your episodes properly. This is video 2 from my 2018 (still relevant in 2019!) podcasting tutorial created to help you get a successful podcast launched so […]

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Podcasting Tutorial – Video 3: Exporting and Tagging

What you do with your podcast audio files after you record is almost as important as the recording itself. *** Download my free Podcast Cheat Sheet: You’ve recorded the audio file for your first podcast episode. Now what? In this video, we talk about what happens AFTER you record your episode: exporting it into an […]

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Podcasting Tutorial – Video 2: My Top 10 Recording Tips

When it comes to creating a great-sounding podcast, there are a few things you’ll need to know. *** Take my Power-Up Podcasting course: . When it comes to creating a great podcast experience for your listeners, it’s all about the little things—the finer points. In this video, I give you my top 10 tips for […]

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