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Living Proof that ANYTHING is Possible!

MOTTO:  Never Give Up

One  night a documentary about NFL Patriot's Tom Brady showed up
on my YouTube feed and I decided to watch it.  

Now I'm not a fan of the Patriots because they are in the same division
of my favorite NFL team the "Miami Dolphins"... 

...However, I am a fan of success, and I have to tell you the success story
of Tom Brady is truly amazing.  

It really shows you that "average" people can go on to have success just
by having good work ethic, determination & perseverance... 

In the 2000 NFL draft, Brady was picked in the 6th round, 199th pick overall... 

Most of the other great quarterbacks (or QB) of all time like Dan Marino or
Peyton Manning were 1st round, 1st pick overall...

The NFL scouts reported that Brady was slow, had average arm strength,
skinny, throws were sloppy, etc.  

But what they didn't see was his heart and his determination to win.  

He was always fighting for his spot to start.  In high school he was the
backup QB to an 0-8 team. <<---That means they LOST EVERY game! 

In College he was a backup QB and finally won his way to starter position
his senior year where he won 10 of his 11 games and took the team to an
Orange Bowl victory.    

The same thing happened later in the NFL. He was the backup QB to Drew
Bledsoe for over a year and finally got his shot when Bledsoe was injured
during Brady's second season.  

Brady did so good that they decided to just keep him starter from that point
forward and now has gone on to win more NFL games than any other player
and has 5 Super Bowl victories! He also holds many other records to make
him the most accomplished player of all time in the NFL... 

So whether you like Tom Brady or not, I think it's amazing that this average,
skinny, lack of arm strength, slow running QB can become the greatest of
all time.  

It is living proof that ANYTHING is possible!  

Especially building a successful business from home.  I see more "average"
people succeed with this kind of business than any other kind of business.

All you have to do put the "Brady Effect" into your business by putting in the
hard work, determination, commitment, perseverance, and continuous efforts
for improvement.  

Live the life most people only dream of!

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