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“Would you like to get well?” (A question of desire)

Imagine you've being paralyzed for 38 years, living by
the side of a swimming pool, surrounded by suffering, 
utterly forsaken by friends and family.

Then imagine a complete stranger walks up to you and 
ask, "Would you like to get well?" This seems like a 
cruel question -- "Would you like to be healed?"

"No I love it here; hopefully I'll die here. Thanks for 
bringing it up!"

The same analogy goes for "Would you like to have 
financial freedom?"

Sometimes our biggest disease isn't what appears in 
our bodies. Instead, this disease hides in our hearts.

"Would you like to get well?" That's a much harder 
question to answer than meets the eye when applied 
to my spiritual well being.

I might have to change. 
I might have to give up my excuses. 
I might have to adapt to a different lifestyle. 
I might have to give up blaming others for my problems. 
I might have to take some responsibility for my own condition.

Do you have this real disease when it comes to taking 
responsibility for anything?

Do we really want to get well, both spiritually and 
physically? Really?

Then Put God First In Anything You Do!

Ask God the desires of your heart. Ask Him to make 
you well; to have financial freedom to live life 
abundantly and to serve others in is will.

You can get well and have anything you want when 
you help others get what they want!

God Will Direct Your Journey- Stop struggling and 
feeling hopeless. Start believing, have faith with a 
strong desire in your heart to be made well.

God is interested in our desire, not our ability.

Do you have the desire to make your life better; 
spiritually, physically, and financially?

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