One Sneaky Trick to Get More Twitter Followers

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Eduard Hilren - August 25, 2013 Reply

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YawnyCatBird - September 15, 2013 Reply

OK, I’ve now watched the video, and I only have this to say:

“Gurus” are not higher than you, and you are not higher than them. Twitter is NOT about status. It’s not about being a status symbol. The beef I have with this video is a philosophical and ethical one. And suddenly, in this attention-deprived world, the people who don’t use auto-follow are “stubborn”. Sure, it’s nice to have more followers, but if you want to get real meaning out of life. Be patient. Use common sense, then learn it.

YawnyCatBird - September 15, 2013 Reply

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Natalia Lack - September 20, 2013 Reply

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Meghan Chavalier - September 21, 2013 Reply

If you have to pay for Twitter followers nobody really likes you.

majusitshu - September 28, 2013 Reply

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Mehedi Melu - October 1, 2013 Reply

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niveah nelson - October 7, 2013 Reply

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Hannah Wilson - October 20, 2013 Reply


Noah Grayer - November 2, 2013 Reply

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Hulkman The Intruder - November 6, 2013 Reply

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Thomas Noble - June 17, 2015 Reply

Skip to 1:55 to hear the actual insight.

Lexi Candy - July 24, 2015 Reply

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    Shena Steinbrueck - August 24, 2015 Reply

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Christina Alina - July 27, 2015 Reply

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Imran Shahid - November 11, 2015 Reply

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    Lee Annabel - April 14, 2016 Reply

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    Juan Thomas - May 3, 2016 Reply

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    Terri Gagne - October 10, 2016 Reply

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