7 Methods to Help You Dig Deeper with Keyword Research and Niche Selection (Unreleased)

– This is actually Video 7 from Module 1 of my Niche Site Course that I never released due to the recent changes in Google's algorithm. This video about keyword research and niche selection, however, is still extremely useful and may help you find a golden keyword or niche to get into.

Keyword Tool used in video: Market Samuari ( )

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John Kennedy - February 16, 2013 Reply

Curious.. While using MS, you used the Phrase match, and not the Exact match during your setting. I have been told one should use exact match. Can you explain why you used the Phrase match option?

Onder Hassan - March 2, 2013 Reply

Hi Pat, Quick question. Did you research into the Passive Income niche before starting your blog? Reason i’m asking is because i’m currently in a hyper competitive market and didn’t do the initial research prior to getting into it.

Hmarichane - March 27, 2013 Reply

Thank you 🙂

HomeCandleCreations - April 2, 2013 Reply

Oh wow! Thank you thank you thank you lol . I’m not even done with the video yet, but this is helping me understand how to use Market samurai so much better! Don’t know why I didn’t catch this video sooner.

drazzic1986 - April 24, 2013 Reply

Hi Pat,
You say police departments (8:19) hiring is too competitive because a lot have a high PR. But none of them has this keyword in the title, url, description or head (only the 1st one). Is this still a no go?
I thought since they are not targeting that keyword it would be much easier to rank, so that’s not true?

saham jaya - May 30, 2013 Reply

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saham jaya - May 30, 2013 Reply

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Amy Satori - July 2, 2013 Reply

Thank you for taking the time to make this helpful video. I wish that program would just list everything that has lots of zeros and one’s… it sure would save a lot of time.

shanelsel - July 21, 2013 Reply

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Anny Millar - August 11, 2013 Reply

Thank you for this terrific video, it has really inspired me when I was ready to give up. You have made it look much more straightforward and logical – and ‘do-able’.

Unique SEO Tips and Tricks - August 23, 2013 Reply

Good! Learning the basics of SEO is vital. We learned a lot from this video..

Make Money - September 20, 2013 Reply

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Effy Shafner - September 23, 2013 Reply

Around 40 minutes in you show how to get keywords from meta data in competitors source code. Just wanted to point out that there’s an easier way to put each keyword on its own line: Do a find/replace and replace the commas (,) with line breaks (^p), then click replace all. (At least it works on my PC, not sure about macs…)

Hope it helps!

kamrulbdkot - October 6, 2013 Reply

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Sameer Pattanaik - October 27, 2013 Reply

Great video on key words search..thx Pat

Anwar Jahid - November 5, 2013 Reply

Hi, have you considered “DotComMONEYPile” yet? Just search Google. On there you will see a useful free video by an experienced web-based and TV-featured millionaire revealing how you can build an income on the internet. It helped Steven to work straight from home and consequently have the benefit of financial freedom super fast. Perhaps it will help you out as well!

Paul Bascom - November 11, 2013 Reply

Very insightful video thanks for sharing

Leo Neil - February 20, 2014 Reply

You sir… Is a beast. Thanks for sharing this video

Ciaran Cronin - November 9, 2014 Reply

wow, what a video that is. lots of stopping, pausing, rewinding, finally getting to the end. top drawer stuff. This stuff is gold.

Micah Buzan - September 8, 2015 Reply

You videos are like a free college education

    Pat Flynn - September 11, 2015 Reply

    +Micah Buzan Awesome comment, hehe! Thanks!

    Brandon Edwards - June 16, 2016 Reply

    I would say it’s more valuable than a college degree. Many people develop the technical skills without the understanding of how to market themselves and consequently end up in a less than ideal position being paid a pittance. Pat focuses on developing technical skills and marketing them well.

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