How to Start a Podcast – Video 1: Equipment and Software

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Starting a podcast is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my brand—and for myself personally! As a result, I want to help you get off to a great start with your own podcast.

In this video, I’ll show you exactly what you need in terms of software and gear to create the perfect podcasting setup.

The biggest key to a high-quality podcast? Sound quality. I go over the best microphones for every budget, along with the software and recording accessories that will help you get started and sound awesome.

This is the first in a series of 6 podcasting tutorial videos to help you get your podcast up and running.

Resources Mentioned in This Video:

Heil PR-40 (affiliate link):

Audio-Technica ATR2100USB (affiliate link):
(thanks to Father Roderick at )

Samson C01U (affiliate link):

Blue Snowflake (affiliate link):

Logitech ClearChat USB Headset (affiliate link):

Audacity Free Audio Recording/Editing Software:

Call Recorder for Skype (Mac Users):

Pamela Call Recorder for Skype (PC/Windows Users):

Podcast Answer Man Equipment Packages:

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    Amy Evonne Thompson says December 4, 2013

    Hi Pat, I recently bought the audio technica microphone, but I am not sure how you are plugging the mixer into your iMac.

      Musty Pipes says December 9, 2013

      I have the xenyx q502 (the smaller version of what he has) i use a windows computer vs the mac but plugging it in is the same. You need to get a mixer like mine or his that is a USB,you get a firewire cable with a usb head that plugs into your computer. A quick driver install should follow then viola. All you need to do is setup your levels on your mixer and make sure you have it enabled or set as the default on your computer.

    Pat Hiban says January 3, 2014

    Hey Pat. Thanks for actually recording your voice with each one. I just subscribed to you on iTunes!

    Nate Robbins says January 22, 2014

    I love using my blue yeti USB mic. Runs about $99.00 on amazon. Comes with a extra long cable. Weighed stand for easy use. Head jack and volume control. Also has four record settings. Quality is outstanding for the price.

    MJH says January 12, 2015

    Samson one was horrible in my opinion

      Chesus Jrist says May 25, 2017

      I agree, sounds like garbo.

    Fred Wang says January 17, 2015

    thanks for sharing, I’m considering starting my own podcast 🙂

    Lissa Serenity says January 31, 2015

    SOOO Helpful!! Thank you!!!!

    SignoreMassimo says February 21, 2015

    That samson sounds awful! There’s no headroom and it’s boomy as hell

      Brian Saljavihk says June 9, 2015

      Yeah it’s giving me a fucking headache!

      erik schaepers says June 9, 2015

      @SignoreMassimo Samson is not professional hardware. As you can hear..

      SignoreMassimo says June 10, 2015

      @erik schaepers I am well aware that it isn’t professional equipment. But considering that you could get an SE Magneto or an At 2020 for $20 more. It shouldn’t sound like this at all. We have some cheap Samson microphones (meteors) and snowballs at my university (for quick and dirty voice over work) but they don’t sound THAT bad (we use Rode mics for videos and beyerdynamic et al for radio production).

      SignoreMassimo says January 13, 2016

      +darkmew64 It’s a USB mic so it should be phantom powered by the USB port. Or do you mean he was speaking into it at an odd angle?

    Reyna Lay says May 8, 2015

    do you have a video on how to actually record the podcast and insert, edit, add music, and outro on garage band?

    Jewels1573 says July 25, 2015

    This has been very helpful! Will be watching the others you have posted. Thanks!

    Frank Miller says August 12, 2015

    Great intro, very helpful, I cant swing a Heil now but the Audio Technica I did not know was SOOOO good. A real “pearl” as we say in medicine (I’m a ‘dummie doc’). thanks again

    Pilgrimage Yoga says November 10, 2015

    Thank you for this video tutorial! It really helped us a lot!

    Pupsik says November 13, 2015

    What microphone used together with a videocamera would you recommend? I want to put audio from video separately as a podcast

    Lexes O'Hara says January 5, 2016

    I love that you went over the microphones! Thank you 🙂 I’m looking at starting up a podcast for motivation, fitness, and diet talks!

      PMR says December 20, 2016

      Lexes O’Hara Hello, just came across this video and saw your comment. I too am new to this and in the research phase planning on launching late January early February 2017. The reason I am replying to your comment is because I too will be doing videos and podcasts under the subject of Self Help and Motivation. My plan is to link my occasional blog to my Podcasts and occasional videos that I plan on posting on Youtube; and by videos I mean that I intend to record my own written and produced Motivational Seminars which I will then record to a high quality audio CD and package each CD/Seminar professionally for bulk sales back on my website and once I create an business account. I will also be offering actual print books as well as instantly downloadable E-books. With that said Lexes, part of my business plan and outline will be to have a steady guest partner from time to time on with me during a few of my Podcasts and/or Youtube videos. I am looking for of course somebody that is obviously well versed and educated in their respective field, which in our case is Motivational subjects. I am hoping to find someone who is similar to myself but is different enough to bring not only a reinforced notion of our shared ideas, but also to bring their own varying opinions and hopefully their own cache of wisdom. This way the podcast/video stays fresh and ideally we get into a groove so well that we effortlessly complement each others personas and opinions etc. Also, I specifically am seeking a woman so that we can both learn from eachother and most important to be able to offer our audience the opportunity to get comfortable with us and be able to relate i.e. men to men and women to women, this way with both of us on the air we effectively double our audience.

      Ok, so with that being said Lexes, I see that this post of yours is almost a year old, which is another reason why I am reaching out to you; I would like to know if you have succeeded in hosting your own podcast since then? Or perhaps accomplished even more? And if so, may I have a link to your Podcast or blog or website, etc..?

      Lastly, if you have not yet started your own cast and or blog etc, how would you feel about setting up a Skype call to converse regarding all of the above I have just written to you…

      If you are interested at all I ask that you please respond if yes to this post of mine here so that I know it is indees you and not some nutter emailing me pretending to be you just to be a trolling fool. (yes, this has actually happened to me in the past, such is the reason for my paranoia LOL). Once I get your reply I will reach out to you with my contact details and we can have a nice chat regarding exactly what motivational area targeted.

    Charlie B says February 8, 2016

    This was so informal. Watching all of them. Thank you. You earned a new subscriber, and a like.

    Schola Gee's Teaching Channel says May 11, 2016

    Wouldnt a good quality Convertor be better than a mixer or is that only for Making music rather than podacsting?

    gerardo ramos says May 19, 2016

    I just finished will it fly! it was AMAZING thanks. I recommend it! great content! great follow up! great price!

    Chad Hackett Fernandez says August 6, 2016

    Hi Pat!

    I recommend you use Adobe Audition in your podcasts. I think you need Adobe Audition for better quality and editing…

      TheOnlyJarrod says October 29, 2016

      Adobe Audition is one of the many possible DAWs you could use. Audacity is the best free one in my opinion. ProTools is the industry standard for music producing. I think Audition would be a good step for the more ambitious users whereas Audacity is much easier to use for just vocal recording, it can do any form of recording such as instrumentals and audio file editing but I believe Audition would be better for that. But these are just two programs in a whole pile of DAWs to use.

    Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats says December 30, 2017

    that audio tech one thru usb sounded DAMN GOOD for that 40 to $60 price point

    Pat Flynn says May 8, 2018

    For those of you who are here in 2018, make sure you move to the updated series for how to start a podcast in 2018. Less time to watch, more updated equipment, and you’ll be up and running in no time! Here you go:

    Nilanjana Haldar says July 18, 2019

    I LOVE Your videos. they help me so much. liked and subscribed to your channel. Could I use the Audio-Technica ATR2100 with Mac?

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