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Dalu Muzi says May 4, 2013

going to sign up to get response!..I have a aweber account already but you know what your own about so ama check out getresponse

Mike Like_Model_Ts says May 6, 2013

Hi Anthony, Good Point. If you have only one list and have people with different interest on them you could be seen as spamming. Targeted lists means targeted sales. In one niche I have which is Yoga I have one for students and another for Studio and Teachers. In the one for students I sell clothing, equipment, books, videos and retreats. For Studio and teachers I sell business to business products, clothing equipment, books videos, and retreats.

Iron mountain Railroadproductions says May 9, 2013

Hey ant I was in your program an had got into some life situation an loss my phone an I was wanting to know how could get my Website back.

Audrey Blue says May 10, 2013

this is easier to understand…. Thank you for The success connection… everything is seeming to come together…..

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